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Very hot, very protective and timeless, a chullo bears its popularity by a poetic and playful exoticism. This is the must-have of dressings that perfectly combines fashion and tradition. Go to the Andes where ""The night rolls in the East, where wild pampas in the stepped mountains widen endlessly"".
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Typical Andean beret!

The chullo is inspired by the Spanish beret re-used by Andean ethnicities, changed and transformed by them: weaving from local animal fur, addition of ears, pompoms, shimmering colors and Inca printed clothes. Differentiating sign between different ethnicities, it takes more European colors and a less Andean wool while returning from that Atlantic side!

You like traveling in a strange land? Live exciting moments? Then boost your look and adopt a chullo which will cause you a pleasant feeling of softness and freshness. By choosing a chullo for men or women, Bonnet-net gives you the opportunity to associate originality with classic, and travel in the Inca people’s land.


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