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The beanie of extreme cold!

fur Cossack hat

Back on stage since 5 years, as well as its cousin, the chapka, the fur toque -- be it faux fur or true fur -- has become the inescapable headwear of the winter like inhabitants of Russia who were it without moderation...severe temperatures forcing them into doing so!
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The chic fur to wear!

You've caught on, if you want to get warm independently of the situation, this is the headgear you need! Plus, you'll adorn a so damn perfect style!

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Russian fashion - Fur toque for women

Influencers and fashionistas have given this headgear a new life. Even Kate Middleton has got one, and her sister Pippa as well. Made of synthetic fur, of rabbit fur, its amazing softness is a strong point for all those skittish ladies!


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